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GemRed Digital Torpedo Protractor Level

Model: 82420 Level Tools

Mecurate digital torpedo levels can measure or set angles, check relative angles, or can be used as a digital level. The strong magnetic base attaches to ferromagnetic surfaces such as conduit. Along with dual measurement ranges of 0 to 90 degrees and 0 to 180 degrees, this digital level has a high visibility reverse contrast display for easy viewing. Use as a digital level, measure/set angles, and check relative angles.

Key Features:

  • LCD DISPLAY Easily read, large LCD Display and Automatic backlight, greatly improve visibility in poor or dim working conditions.
  • High visibility reverse contrast display auto-rotates when turned.
  • Strong magnetic base and v-grooves all around fit conduit contour.
  • Display auto-rotates when upside-down for easy viewing.
  • It is especially easy to measure the pitch of a helicopter, the bevel angle of a miter saw, automobile test and repair, and so on.
  • Multi-practical functions of this angle gauge allow users to be more efficient and make the job easier.

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Place of Origin Guangxi, China
Manufacturer GemRed
Model Number No.82413-00B
Protection Grade IP65
Measuring Range  4*90°
Resolution 0.05°
Battery  AAA
Working température  -10°C to +50°C


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