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GemRed Digital Depth Gauge

Model: 81105 Level Tools

Accurate Data.The GemRed depth meter uses a high precision depth sensor, to ensure the accuracy of data up to 0.1mm/0.004", resolution is 0.05mm/0.002".

Key Features:

  • Muti-Function.3-in-1 Height measurement/ Plunger-hole / Slot depth measurement.
    POINTER: On one of the legs and can be clipped to the ruler to accurately check any holes, mortices, or slots up to 50.8mm deep.
  • Locking Function.The Locking screw can help to lock the ruler to maintain the measurement.
  • Magnetic With free standing magnetic feet, vertical measurement of Height Gauge is more accurate.
  • Removable Bin. A removable bin can easily measure the depth of a hole or groove.
  • Big LCD Screen Digital display for easy reading.

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Place of Origin Guangxi, China
Manufacturer GemRed
Weight 90g
Color Black
Size 110*143*23mm
Hole Depth 0~50.8mm(0~2″ )
Accuracy: ±0.1mm (0.004″ )
Measuring Range: 0~80mm (0~3 1/8″ )
Resolution: 0.05mm(0.002″ )
Battery: CR2032 3V Lithium
Working température: 0°C~+50°C
Working humidity: ≤85%RH


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