Specialize in innovative digital measurement solutions

We support wireless data transmission, analysis, and recording, catering to diverse on-site requirements.


Amidst the limitations of traditional measuring tools, GemRed rises to the challenge. Focusing on innovative digital measurement solutions, We concentrate on innovating digital measurement solutions, addressing precision and convenience concerns.

Continuously innovating, GemRed introduces industry-specific digital measurement tools that support wireless data transmission, analysis, and recording, meeting diverse field requirements.

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High precision

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Business Advantages

  • Innovation Powerhouse

    With a dedicated team of 20 skilled software and hardware R&D professionals, we've proudly secured over 50 patents.

  • Uncompromising Quality

    Stringent controls assure premium product quality, from chips to packaging, ensuring unwavering stability.

  • Global Reach

    Exporting 2 million sets annually, we're trusted by industry leaders and prominent e-commerce platforms.

  • Expertise for Mutual Triumph

    Our expert R&D, design, and sales team ensures personalized product customization, ensuring your absolute contentment before purchase.

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