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New Arrivals

Angle Tools

Digital Angle Finder Protractor

Angle Tools

Level Tools

High Quality Tools for level measurment

Level Tools

Tape Measure

Digital Height And Circumference Tape Measurement

Tape Measure

High-Precision Instrument

Specialized High Precision Digital Measuring Instruments

High-Precision Instrument

Empowering Precision with Digital Data: Leading Smart Measurement Solutions since 2003

  • Technology Excellence: Revolutionary capacitive grid tech for unparalleled accuracy, stability, and absolute measurement, transforming industries with precision.

  • Efficient life: Low-power consumption, high-stable technology ensured product quality, ensuring reliability and consistency in challenging environments.

  • Smart Precision: Leading smart measurment, utilizing digital data for real-time insights, effortless efficiency, and global impact.

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Excellent quality, competitive price and strong R&D team are our solid guarantee

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Embrace the future: Digital data, your convenient ally, simplifying life and transforming measurement with our recommended products.

Smart Body Tape PRO

Smart Body Tape PRO: Measure Fitness, Type-C Charging


GemRed Digital Body Tape: Auto-Locking, Retractable

PetGrow-Smart Tape

GemRed PetGrow-Smart Tape: Measure Pet Circumference

EJERAY Bluetooth Body Tape

EJERAY Bluetooth Body Tape: Smart App for Measurements

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  • Innovation Powerhouse

    With a dedicated team of 20 skilled software and hardware R&D professionals, we've proudly secured over 50 patents.

  • Uncompromising Quality

    Stringent controls assure premium product quality, from chips to packaging, ensuring unwavering stability.

  • Global Reach

    Exporting 2 million sets annually, we're trusted by industry leaders and prominent e-commerce platforms.

  • Expertise for Mutual Triumph

    Our expert R&D, design, and sales team ensures personalized product customization, ensuring your absolute contentment before purchase.

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GemRed Celebrates 20 Years of Excellence!


GemRed: 20 Years of Providing High-Quality Measuring Instruments


The Hot-Selling Smart Body Tape Measure Just Comes With A New Version!

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