High precision

High precision

How to adjust the level of CNC machining center?

High precision parts processing not only need to use a higher precision machine tool, but also need to ensure that the machine tool to meet the requirements of levelness during installation, if the levelness adjustment is not in place, it is easy to affect the machining accuracy of the machine tool. How to adjust the level of a common CNC machining center?

Method of adjusting the level

To adjust the levelness of the High precision machine tool mainly rely on two levelers, the accuracy is generally required to be 0.02mm/ per grid, before adjusting the CNC level, the instrument needs to be calibrated and adjusted first. The adjustment method of the level is as follows:

  1. Place the level in a fixed position on the platform relative to the level (not beyond the range of the level), and remember the scale of the left or right end of the bubble of the level;
  2. Rotate the level 180°, and then look at the scale at the left or right end of the level, if it is the same as before, it can be used directly, otherwise it is necessary to adjust the level repeatedly by adjusting the knob, so that the scale at both ends is the same after rotating 180°.

Level adjustment method of CNC machining center

To adjust the levelness of the machining center, place the two levelers in the center of the workbench and are perpendicular to each other on the horizontal plane. Then adjust the anchor bolts of the machine tool by observing the position of the bubbles in the leveler. The specific method is as follows:

  1. After the level is placed correctly, adjust the anchor bolts of the machining center so that the bubbles of the level are placed at the center point;
  2. Move the Y-axis two points before and after the measurement, observe the bubble direction of the two levels, and then decide to adjust the anchor bolts;
  3. When the bubble is adjusted at a low place, rotate the anchor bolt clockwise until the XZ plane level of the front and back two points is within 1/4 grid, and the YZ plane level is within 0.04m/m;
  4. After adjustment, move the Y-axis to the middle of the stroke, and the horizontal bubbles in the XZ and YZ planes must be in the middle position;
  5. Move the front, middle and back three points of the Y-axis, and measure the upper limit of the difference to 0.04mm/m (about 2 cells);
  6. Move the front, middle and back three points of the Z axis, and the upper limit of the difference of the detector is 0.04mm/m (about 2 cells);
  7. Tighten and fix the nuts on the anchor bolts of the machining center.

Third, the application of intelligent leveling instrument ML200 in CNC machining center

When the bubble level is used to adjust the CNC machining center, the operator needs to ensure that the two levels on the plane are in a vertical state, and needs to stand up repeatedly to observe the level, evaluate the scale change, and adjust the anchor screws, which increases the workload of employees and affects the adjustment efficiency. If the operator can be equipped with wireless transmission, split screen display function of the electronic level can easily solve this problem.

The machine tool intelligent leveling instrument ML200 launched by Guilin Jinrui Sensor Technology Co., LTD. The measuring terminal adopts GemRed high-precision level sensor, which can simultaneously measure the Angle between the X axis, Y axis and horizontal plane on the plane. It supports wireless connection with Jinrui sensor level monitoring system with independent display terminal, real-time digital display of measured values, and helps users overcome space obstacles. Quickly level machine tools to improve work efficiency.

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