Products GemRed High-Precision Smart Leveling Instrument ML200

GemRed High-Precision Smart Leveling Instrument ML200

Model: SY210 High-Precision Instrument Level Tools

The static repeatability is measured under standard experimental conditions, all technical parameters are subject to the official technical manual.

Key Features:

  • Both Intuitive analog bubble and digital display on a handheld terminal.
  • Smart algorithm ensures high accuracy and high reliability of GemRed Leveling.
  • With the wireless connection between GemRed Leveling and its handhold terminal, GemRed Leveling applies in all spaces.
  • Multi-networking function help to quickly complete large-scale mechanical equipment leveling.
  • Fast machine leveling, saves more than 70% of the time compared with the traditional levels.
  • Easily Self-checking machine levels, maintaining the machine’s durability.
  • Applicable fields: Aerospace, Engineering automobile, Telecommunication, Machine tools, Medical, National Defense, Mining, Electronics, Sports, Transportation, etc.
  • Applicable equipment: CNC machining center – vertical, horizontal, and gantry, CNC lathe, CNC grinder, Traditional manual machine, etc.

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Place of Origin Guangxi, China
Manufacturer GemRed
Measuring Range: ±0.5mm/m
Dimension: 100mm*100mm*78mm
Resolution: 0.01mm/m
Accuracy: ±0.02 mm/m
Repeatability: ±0.02 mm/m
Working Temperature: 10℃(32℉)~40℃(104℉)
Working Humidity: ≤85%
Transportation or storage temperature:  -20℃(-4℉)~70℃(158℉)
Battery Type: DC3.7V (DC3.3V ~5.0V)
Battery duration time >15h


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