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EJERAY Bluetooth Body Tape: Smart App for Measurements

Model: HT-001 New Arrivals Tape Measure

Key Features:

  • Easy to Read: Compared with traditional tape, the EJERAY Body Tape Measure carries a large LED screen and high-precision chip, which makes the reading more direct, accurate, and convenient.
  • EJERAY Smart App: Real-time measurement data upload and storage can easily get the data change trend.
  • Easy to Use: The unique buckle and retractable tape design make this Smart Body Tape Measure can complete the measurement you need with one hand. The new upgraded design automatically switches the linear measurement mode and curve measurement mode without manual switching.
  • Multifunctional tape measure: Whether you are a fitness enthusiast who wants to lose weight, increase muscle, and shape a perfect waist-hip ratio, a mother-to-be wants to know the changes in your body

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Place of Origin Guangxi, China
Display unit in/cm
Manufacturer GemRed
Weight 100 g
Package Dimensions 32 x 23.5 x 4.8 cm
Color VII-Grey
Material  PLA_(Polylactic_Acid), PE_(Polyethylene)


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